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Know About Regulation Of Gambling

According to the courts, gambling is the charge of the value for the chance for winning the prizes. The governing element of the gambling is the chance or skill to know the type of game. The game can be taken as gambling when the luck factor dominates the result of the game. Eventually, according to the Indian courts, horse racing bets and some card games cannot be considered as gambling. The constitution of India doesn’t allow gambling business as well as lotteries the fundamental right. Nevertheless, state government do run few lotteries and make out some contributions for state exchequer of states.

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There are some of the legislations related to gambling as follows:

The Public Gaming Act of 1867
In this Act, there are punishments related to public gambling as well as to keep any common gaming house. Further, this Act even regulates state governments to pass laws related to public gambling under the relevant jurisdictions. Nevertheless, the legislation also does not have any direct effect on the internet gambling unless there is any interpretation of the common gambling house in order to include the virtual forums too.

The Indian Contract Act of 1872 (ICA)
The ICA is statutory legislation that regulates all the commercial contracts of India. Under ICA, the wagering contract is unenforceable. According to the Act, the wagering agreements are void, further there shall be no suit on any wagering agreements that are made. Lottery, prize games and gambling are considered as the wagering contracts and are hence void as well as unenforceable. On the contrary, the wagering contracts cannot be regarded as illegal, however they are unenforceable in the courts of law. Therefore, the courts never agree to any activity that comes out from any wagering contract.

Lotteries (Regulation) Act of 1998
This Act contains the structure for the organization of lotteries in India. Here, the state governments have the power to encourage and forbid the lotteries in the territorial jurisdiction. This Act even explains the ways to conduct the lotteries and prescribe the punishments under the breach of any provision. Under Indian Penal Code, the lotteries that are not authorized are believed to be an offence. There are some states like Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat where the state government lotteries have been prohibited.

Indian Penal Code of 1860
The Under the Section 294A of IPC explains the keeping of lottery office. According to it, any person keeping a place or lottery for lottery purpose, though powered by state government will be punished with either fine, or imprisonment of a tem up to 6 months, or sometimes both.

In addition to this, if any person publishes any kind of proposal for any payment, or for delivering any goods, or for doing anything to benefit a person on any occasion to draw a ticket, figure or number in a lottery, will be severely punished with a fine of up to rupees one thousand.

Online gambling
The gambling law of course applies to the internet gambling too. All the gambling contracts are believed as wagering contracts and hence it is impossible to enforce these contracts in the Indian Contract Act as mentioned above.

As already mentioned, internet lottery is very popular type of online gambling in our country. There are many companies distributing and marketing and even conducting government sponsored lotteries via web which are not permitted to sell any kind of services to its customers of places where lotteries are not allowed. In the majority of cases, the distributors and marketers limit the services to the online customers who reside in places where lottery is allowed. However, no cases have been reported under breach of company encouraging online lotteries.


There are many cases where a state has prohibited the lottery of the other states; this also includes the internet lotteries. According to one recent case, Karnataka High Court comes to a conclusion that Karnataka will be a lottery free zone after the imposition of ban on the other states; this also includes the internet lotteries that come under Lotteries Regulation Act, 198. 


Enforcement about foreign jurisdictions
If the sites are operated and hosted from outside the country, it would be really difficult for authorities in India to subject any activity either it is regarding the shutting down or banning the access without even the usage if blocking authority under ITA. The Officials have nothing to worry as the foreign laws of India do not allow any kind of remittance that are from outside India for any gambling activity including buying the lottery tickets, or sweepstakes or football pools.

Internet gambling is a very regulated sector with very less occasions to increase. Further, the current regulation makes it even more difficult to host online poker websites and target any particular customers from India.

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Various Shades of Legalised Gambling

Since the gambling business has been declared to be legalised, there has always been a lot a difference in opinion about it in favour as well as not in favour of the decision. But considering it carefully we come to know that there are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages regarding the topic. Let us have an overview on the factors of the legalisation of this gambling.

Advantages of gambling

Gambling attracts money just as food attracts flies. It is not just an assumption but a realistic observation that the growth of gambling is directly proportional to the growth of finance, not for that particular organisation but also for the location. These casinos which enable this trade of gambling allow new jobs to germinate. Now adding up to the profits of Android All Slots Casino, the increasing number of tourists which get attracted towards gambling play an important role in the development and well being of the area. These countries which has legalised gambling are not always very prosperous ones. The high taxation which the government receives from gambling adds to the assets of the country. The high amount which the casinos pay to the government in form of taxes results in the lowering of the state taxes. Thus, legalisation has added to the prosperity of the nation to much extent.

Disadvantages of gambling

Not just finance but the crime has been observed to be nourished because of this legalisation of online gambling. Its roots are found to be near such clients who have lost money while gambling. It also makes small businesses to suffer. Not just these but it also supports promotion of unlawful activities which are unhealthy for the society. Social problems like bankruptcies, emotional instability, problem in relations and addiction are common disadvantages of gambling especially after being legalised.

Online Roulette- The Best Option Available

You can receive the same atmosphere of the land based casino when you go for an online roulette. After you have logged on a site, you can actually receive the same excitement and fin by clicking the most and staring at the screen. However, you shall miss the sound of players shouting and the rolling sound of the dice and also the snacks you get at the land based or a traditional casino. If you are a roulette fan or a casino addict, then online roulette is the perfect option for you as you can spend as much time as you want.
The annoying crowd of the conventional casino is however avoided while playing at the online version of roulette. Moreover, there is nobody to disturb you in the middle of the game while playing from your home. You can play on any website offering you roulette game by selecting the best option from a long list of online roulette websites. There are many trial versions as well, therefore practice a lot before jumping on to the real game. In addition to this, at online roulette, you can play for free and with money as well. Happy playing folks!


There are so many varieties of games that are present in a casino that at times it becomes hard to decide that where should we try our luck or our skill. There are certain fundamentals that should be remembers in case of all the games in a casino if you want to survive well and do good to earn yourself some profit. But there are some notes that need to be taken based on the game you are about to play. Some games depend on skill and some games are based on luck.For example, bingo is a game that is based on luck. If you want to have a chance of winning, you can have a go at online bingo Even if you enter counting on your luck, there are certain points that should be kept in mind by you so that you do not fall for the fatal turns of the system of gambling. In the following points, specialized information is put forth in a consolidated manner for each game separately so that you can be prepared before signing up for that game.